OXYGEN embraces a future-looking mindset


Managing growth, identifying and attracting the right talent, and remaining agile in a highly unpredictable environment were the main challenges OXYGEN faced last year. Business Review spoke to Tereza Tranakas, Founder & CEO of OXYGEN, who highlighted the company’s key achievements last year and revealed the recipe for its success.


What is your leadership style and how does it support your company’s performance?

I empower people and I do my best to lead by example, setting forth a vision and series of core values that act as our North Star. I acknowledge the fact that the company’s performance is the team’s merit, under the guidance of its top management. I work side by side with my team, with continued passion and dedication for what we do, aiming to evolve and develop ourselves and our company. Last but not least, I believe Romania is a good place to do business—it offers many possibilities for growth and development. I am also happy to see that there are many women-led businesses that are thriving here, as we are an open and inclusive society.


What were your main professional achievements in 2023?

I am grateful for the fact that Oxygen has become a positive reference on the highly competitive market of advertising & communication. Fifteen years since our establishment, it is truly rewarding to see that our hard work, dedication, and strong strategic and creative forces are yielding results and bringing us to a leading position on the market as an independent, forward-thinking communications agency. In terms of numbers, we are the only agency with two offices—in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca—and a Sustainability department, a super team of 70 passionate and creative communication professionals, a diverse client portfolio made up primarily of dozens of large multinationals from various industries as well as several local clients, and a turnover of EUR 7.5 million for 2022, which positions us among the leading integrated agencies on the market.

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Tereza Tranakas Oxygen

Artificial intelligence driving innovation in creative industries

Tereza Tranakas Oxygen

In charge of Oxygen, one of the top integrated communications agencies on the market with offices in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca and a team of 80 professionals, Tereza Tranakas has more than 20 years of experience working in brand and corporate communications. She sat down with Business Review and shared her outlook for 2024.

How do you see the market faring this year?

We must keep in mind the bigger picture when we consider this year’s outlook. In fact, in terms of economic growth, Romania has been a bright spot on a rather dismal European landscape. According to analysts, real GDP growth is set to rebound in 2024 and remain strong by EU standards in 2025-28. The solid private sector has been and will continue to be the key driver to Romania’s steady growth.

To all the sceptics I say that Romania has been lucky to have experienced steady economic and social development over all these years, despite the geopolitical turbulence at our doorstep.

Within this context, we also expect the marcomm industry to fare better than last year, as we’ve seen a general improvement in numbers and output after the pandemic.

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Tereza Tranakas (Oxygen): Creativity is the superpower of the future


Oxygen is one of the leading communications agencies on the market, with offices in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. BR sat down with Tereza Tranakas, CEO Oxygen, and found out more about how the agency’s first 15 years unfolded.

How would Oxygen’s first 15 years look in numbers?

Fifteen years from our establishment, I am grateful and happy to see our hard work and determination bringing us to a leading position in the market, as an independent forward-thinking communications agency with offices in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca.

In terms of numbers: we are the only agency with two offices – Bucharest & Cluj-Napoca and a Sustainability department, a super team of 70 passionate and creative communication professionals, a diverse client portfolio comprised primarily of tens of large multinationals from various industries as well as local clients, and turnovers of EUR 7.5 million for 2022, placing us among the leading integrated agencies on the market.

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BR Interview | Tereza Tranakas: We chose to adopt a future-ready mindset

The last two years have been one of the most challenging ones in recent history, with companies having to adapt and be very resilient and strong in order to survive a never-before-seen situation. With no means to compare it to anything else.  Still, 2021 proved to be good for the Romanian marcomm industry, especially for those companies that knew how to drive the trends and be flexible.

BR talked with Tereza Tranakas, CEO at OXYGEN , about the year that just unfolded, pandemics, the agency’s growth, innovation, as well as what she expects and wishes for 2022.

How would you describe the year 2021 for Oxygen?
We’ve had a very active 2021, and I can refer to it as a recovery year after the pandemic stroke in 2020, when the entire advertising industry was hit hard. Last year we saw some positive signs of recovery giving us hope for what’s to come. Our agency’s achievements in 2021 were many: from innovative and award-winning projects for existing clients, to many new client wins for both our Bucharest and Cluj offices. At Oxygen, we have a fantastic client portfolio across many industries from telecoms, technology, appliances, energy, banking & finance, FMCGs, entertainment, gaming, real estate, heavy industry, fashion and more…

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