Oxygen in 2022: ascending to new summits

Despite the current ongoing pandemic context and uncertain economic perspectives that we are currently traversing, I find many reasons to remain optimistic about what lies ahead for us. Our mission at Oxygen to help brands and companies connect in an authentic way with their audiences is even more prevalent today, when authentic dialogue is even more valued and needed.

We’ve had a very active 2021, and I can refer to it as a recovery year after the pandemic stroke in 2020, when the entire advertising industry was hit hard. Last year we saw some positive signs of recovery giving us hope for what’s to come. Our agency’s achievements in 2021 were many: from innovative and award-winning projects for existing clients, to many new client wins for both Bucharest and Cluj offices. We have a fantastic client portfolio across many industries from telecoms, technology, appliances, energy, FMCGs, entertainment, gaming, real estate, heavy industry, fashion and more.

In spite of the uncertainty, in 2021 we chose to adopt a future-ready mindset and to continue our investments in expanding the team across all departments and disciplines. We strengthened our brains & muscles so that we are even fitter and better equipped to play and remain competitive in the big league.

I am grateful to my seasoned colleagues who have been with Oxygen for many years and have contributed tremendously to where we are today. The ride has not been easy, but it’s been rewarding. And I am equally enthusiastic for the newer colleagues that have joined our team in the past couple of years, bringing their passion and drive to our agency.


So, what’s next?

Well, 2022 will be no easy feast either. We are operating in a challenging environment if we are to look at macroeconomic indicators: high inflation, higher cost of living, huge costs of energy and so on. This not only affects our own pockets, but also has a significant impact on our clients’ bottom lines. Marketing budgets may be impacted, so we have to act with prudence. At the same time, we need to remain relevant, competitive and continue our growth. Overcoming hurdles, our objective remains sustained growth.

At the same time, there are new summits to climb, as we aim to explore opportunities for growth from areas such as sustainability, employer branding, digital, new social channels, content creation and more. One of the reasons I love to work in our industry, even +20 years from when I started, is that I never get bored. There’s always something new, we’re always learning something new, a new skill set, new platforms and we constantly develop ourselves. I consider myself lucky in this respect.

This year, we’ll also continue strengthening our team in order to support the growth we are targeting. Furthermore, we want to keep alive the Oxygen spirit – the one on the basis of which our company was founded and where team members are encouraged to be open, truthful, accountable and to share both the hardships & rewards. I want to build a culture that centers on our commitment to a growth mindset for us an agency and for our customers. This growth mindset served us well during the past year of crisis, disruption, and transformation. It drives our passion and enables us to work together as a team.

I can commit to relentlessly push forward and develop our Oxygen, because I do it with a mind and heart for business. I feel I can conquer the mountains and summit any summit because I have my A-team by my side, even in the face of constraints.

Tereza Tranakas