Olympus is the first dairy brand to introduce a milk packaging made of 35% recycled plastic. The podcast signed by Oxygen is a key component of the Olygreen campaign, highlighting the importance of recycling for the future, through an adult-child parallel discussion.


The podcast, signed by Oxygen for Olympus, presents the perspective of children and adults regarding recycling, their opinions about the future of the planet, and the steps we can take to protect nature. We put in the mirror two opposite perspectives – if through the eyes of children the future is positive, through the eyes of adults the same future is in shades of gray, but with an important “if”: if people start recycling and if they will do more for nature, the future can be better. The show is available on Olympus foods YouTube channel and the host of the show is Șerban Copoț, well known for supporting responsible behavior and promoting the concept of sustainability.

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