WWF Bonus Card from Garanti BBVA is the ideal solution for those who want to buy gifts for their loved ones while also being involved in environmental protection efforts. Garanti BBVA donates, from its own funds, 0.3% of transaction values to protecting endangered animals in Romania. For this purpose, we have created an animated story that captures the emotion of opening gifts from the perspective of the little animals in the forest.


The holiday season encourages us to be more empathic and to give more to our loved ones. However, in the rush for gifts, we often forget that we can also do good for those who make our world more beautiful, even without us realizing it – the little animals in the forest. The WWF Bonus Card from Garanti BBVA directs from its own funds 0.3% of each transaction to protect specific areas in the Carpathian Mountains, along the Danube River, and in the Danube Delta.

To communicate this, we’ve embraced the holiday spirit and created a short, animated story that captures forest animals when they open their gifts, received thanks to those who have used the WWF Bonus Card from Garanti BBVA to prepare surprises for their loved ones.