The first video series in Romania filmed in real time, without post-production, in a virtual production studio was made by OXYGEN for BETANO. Under the concept of "Click play, the game starts now", users had a first person experience of online casino and were carried through the thematic universes of games from the platform by celebrities such as Mira, Dani Oțil, Raluka, Șerban Pavlu and Liviu Vârciu, through premium video content, created at epic visual standards, in line with the  brand positioning in the area of ​​online entertainment.


BETANO took a step further and encouraged people to play for fun and immerse into the breathtaking universes one can find while playing on the Casino platform. Since there are different types of players, along with different slot games, we created five categories of players. These categories were based on the players’ games preferences and behaviors. Each celebrity became the emblematic representative of the players category. Creating different players categories allowed us to inspire the ludic approach and messages of the campaign. We built on the idea that it is so much fun when you play different games in the Casino platform, that you dive in the game’s universe and you feel like the star, in the middle of the action. While playing, you have the chance to fight with the dark forces, to become a superhero or an adventurer. You can be whomever you want to, only at a click away.


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The series consisted of ten monthly videos, inspired by the game themes from the BETANO platform, and was based on a blend between classic, virtual and augmented reality. Spectacular video productions have allowed users to immerse into experiential universes and experience the thrill of the game. The series opened with the Superheroes’ Month by Mira, in which characters such as Wonder Woman, Batgirl or Zorro invited those who are passionate about superhero movies to try themed games and become any of the heroes who changed the world. Dani Oțil encouraged those with an adventurous spirit to join the sheriff’s team and prevent the criminals from the Wild West from running away with the gold. For players passionate about mythology, Raluka, the Goddess of Music and Dance, has prepared a challenging quest, but with delightful rewards. In The Movies Month, Thomas Shelby and Pablo Escobar (with Șerban Pavlu in a double role) invited movie-loving users to choose their favorite team and accept a mission or a trip with the utmost discretion. The series ended with the Fruits Month by Liviu Vârciu, where Liviu Mexicanu’ is waiting for the players passionate about the classic slots with good fruits, in a fairytale square.

Each monthly episode took place simultaneously on several communication channels (Social Media & digital) and was based on three components designed to introduce players to the categories created, to present the selection of games in focus and to involve them in contests designed to stimulate the unique emotion of the game. The video production behind all the episodes was made in a studio that uses state-of-the-art virtual technology.

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