Each new fashion collection launch comes with a story and with the perfect opportunity for BĂNEASA SHOPPING CITY to also drop a challenge to its audience. Fashion lovers, style seekers, and trendsetters have the opportunity to discover new items that suit their personal style and make them stand out.


„From Xclusive To Your Story” is the headline that tells a story and that invites the audience in a journey among the latest exclusive collections available in BĂNEASA SHOPPING CITY.

More than that, it’s a promise made by BĂNEASA SHOPPING CITY together with OXYGEN.

Behind the message is the idea that a regular new collection launch can become an elegant and refine story, written using unique and exclusive fashion items and accessories.

One step further, the campaign developed into a visual premium story that certifies once more that BĂNEASA SHOPPING CITY is the no. 1 destination for fashion inspiration and exclusive brands.